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This wonderful tourist town located on the west (sunset) end of the Jamaican island is known throughout the world as the Capital of Casual

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Negril is the favored place to vacation in Jamaica, mostly because of its magnificent, world-renowned, seven mile beach which fronts about 70 or so varied and beautiful Negril beach resorts of all sizes and many different unique designs.

Negril is also almost as well known around the world for the wonderful vacations to be had at its great cliff resorts and for lovely villas scattered all over town. In total there are over 200 places to stay in Negril with well over half of them on the 7 mile beach or on the cliffs.

Negril is world famous for Rick's Restaurant and Bar up in the cliffs where dare-devil, 10' to 40' high-diving is permitted.

Negril in the wintertime has near-perfect, balmy, winter weather, lush tropical vegetation and great sunsets. It also has many unique and interesting bars, restaurants, clubs and other activities and attractions (all of which are now or soon will be listed and linked within our left menu). This is why Negril is the considered the vacation center of Jamaica.

Negril's Tour Services

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Town Navigation

Negril is a very simple town to navigate. It is composed of only its northern 7 mile beach strip, with the ocean on one side and the Great Morass (Jamaica's bird and game preserve) on the other.

Then it has its downtown area, its cliffs area and its inland residential area. Its 7 - mile beach ends (or begins) at its small downtown area. Past there you branch off into the western cliff areas and eastern inland residential areas.

Negril is situated on the far west side of the Jamaican island (a 1.5 hour drive from Montego Bay on Norman Manley Blvd. - Route A1).


Negril's small, few square blocks of downtown area juts out geographically from a round-about in the road, facing north up the western ocean front with a view of Negril's 7 mile beach (in actuality, the straight Long Beach is only 4 miles long and the semi-circular Bloody Bay beach up north is the rest of the 7 miles). The downtown area houses a few shopping plazas in which are all kinds of shops, crafts markets and offices.

The Great Morass

East of the 7 mile beach and its resorts on one side of Route A1 [Norman Manley Blvd.] and the landside resorts, villas and private homes on the other, lies - The Great Morass! This is a government protected, completely undeveloped, swampy bottom land running inland from Negril's 1 mile beach land sliver - all the way to Jamaica's forested hill country. Here are located some of Jamaica's bird and animal sanctuaries.

Limited Resort Height

All of Negril's resort construction heights are limited to the height of of a palm tree in order to maintain the area's original look as much as possible. Therefore, as you travel around Negril you won't see the garrish lights and high-rise buildings which are so prevalent in most beach resort towns around the world.

All you'll see off of the main roads are small signs and narrow little roads which penetrate the lush road foliage or you'll see security walls and gates leading into each resort's slice of the ocean or landside strip.

The all-inclusives do have larger entrances with bigger signs but they are all still kept low to the ground so you don't notice them as you drive along until you're right next to them. This is because Negril's resorts do not rely on road traffic for business. They get all of their business from their world wide advertising and from referals and repeat customers. If you want to know the truth, they consider their main road outside of their resorts as being not much more than an alley from which to bring them their supplies!

Reggae Music and the Patois Language

Negril also has great Jamaican reggae music gently playing on speakers almost everywhere. Only in Jamaica nad especially in Negril will you find the continuous broadcasting of reggae music everywhere.Jamaica is populated by the very friendly, uniquely colorful, Queen's English and patois speaking, Jamaican people.

Friendly 7 mile Resort Beachfront

When you're on the beach you're not in any way cocooned within your resort because everyone including the general public is welcome to use and traverse all of it. So it is a very friendly place upon which for you to enjoy its long stretch of cool, white sand and its shallow oceanfront. Here, you can stroll to visit nearby beach resorts, craft markets, restaurants, bars and shops. Here you can trade and mingle freely along with other tourists and with the friendly, native Jamaican people who also vacation in Negril.

Friendly Norman Manley Boulevard

Norman Manley Blvd is a very good, wide, 2 lane road with big gravel shoulders that parallels the oceanfront to the west and the inland great Morass to the east, sandwiching in a strip about a mile wide all of the beach resorts and all of the inland resorts which are located on its land side. This is Negril's main road and for about 7 miles (10 km) houses this strip of beach and inland resorts, as it stretches all the way to Montego Bay. As mentioned above, the beach resorts do not consider themselves as fronting on this road. They only view it as a kind of alley entrance to service their resorts.

Many people from the resorts and many natives walk and / or cycle along its entire 7 mile length during the daytime in good weather. They browse at its various indigenous roadside souvenir stands and eat at its roadside jerk meat BBQ grills. At night it has no street lights so it is not wise to venture out to walk or bicycle on the road for a couple of good reasons.

First of all, you can't be easily seen by speeders who may be high on ganja or drunk on rum or beer so you could get run over! Second, you never know when there may be some bad guys out there, just waiting to fleece, rob or even rape a by-herself girl! If you do walk on the road at night, go in groups because there is safety in numbers. This is no different a safety consideration than you should exercise on any other dark road anywhere else in the world. Need more be said?

Negril's Gorgeous Sunsets

Negril is very well known for its glorious sunsets that take place over its west facing beachfront and cliff oceanfront horizons. This is one of the great assets of Negril's resorts and people come from all over the world just to see them.

The Cliffs

Negril's cliff resort area rises up from the south side of the downtown area and runs along the oceanfront all the way around the oceanfront to the town of Mount Pleasant. This road is hard to drive or traverse and can be dangerous for unwary pedestrians and cyclists because of its many twists and turns so be careful when you're on it. Also, some of its native residents can be scammers and toughs so stay in groups when on it. However, longtime repeat visitors tend to stay in this area as they become less touristy and more like the natives, so it is not really unsafe, just not totally tourist friendly.

Residential Areas and Public Beaches

Negril's residential area is located inland, just east of downtown. Negril does have a few public beaches on slivers of beachfront land that has been reserved just for the public.

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