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Jamaican Craft - Grass Mats

About 5 years ago I cyber-met a really cool American lady, Alice, on a Jamaican chat forum. Over the years we got to know each other really well by conversing online and by phone, and she eventually retired to Jamaica. My mission was to meet her on my very next trip and so it happened.

Teds Grass Mats Negril Jamaica

Alice, me and Ted at their home in Negril

I have now met and stayed with Alice and her boyfriend Ted on two separate occasions, once at their house in Montego Bay and once at their new house in Negril. I love Alice like a second mother and even though he’s quiet and shy, I’ve grown fond of Ted too. This is why I’ve decided to feature Ted’s beautiful craft of grass mats. I’ve watched him tediously weaving and braiding grass and seen the final and beautiful finished product.

Teds Grass Mats Negril Jamaica round mat

A finished product

Teds Grass Mats Negril Jamaica drying grass

Drying grass before starting a mat

Teds Grass Mats Negril Jamaica veranda

Pile of grass ready to start braiding

Alice and Ted have them all throughout their houses, at the front doors, as bath mats, out on the veranda, etc. Such a nice addition to any room really.

Ted has a regular spot at the Negril craft market where he sells his mats and will also take custom orders. Some of our forum friends who have met Alice and Ted, have taken home a mat or two. I have yet to take one home because I still think I’m just moving to Jamaica and will have them all over my house there LOL.

Teds Grass Mats Negril Jamaica ted braiding

Ted braiding grass for a mat

If you’re ever in Negril and would like to see Ted’s creations, you can head to the Negril craft market. His spot is kind of tucked away and hard to find but if you ask the other vendors for the Rasta Ted with the grass mats they’ll be sure to take you there.

***Partial photo credits to Lula Carter of www.reliabletoursofjamaica.com***

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