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Onestop Vacations offices are located in Toronto Ontario but its owners often commute back and forth to their winter home in Negril.

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Jamaica is a world-wide favorite as a tourist destination (especially from December thru May) and since Onestop Vacations' creators, Bob and Susan, already had a house in Negril, they consequently have much local knowledge of the town and what is involved in traveling to it. So this was the natural place for them to focus a specialized internet travel service.


The website was born in 1998 as a way in which to showcase and draw the attention of vacationers who research their world-wide travels on the internet, to some of Negril's smaller independent tourist properties.

One Stop Vacations now represents and books for over 50 of Negril's better indepent resorts.

As fellow travelers, the owners well understand each vacationer's need for:

  • Personal, honest, responsive, reliable travel services and sound advice.
  • Great rates and discounts wherever possible.
  • True representation of tourist places (which is why they take their own photos and videos when they conduct on-going inspections all of their client properties).

When tourists book through them for a stay at one of Negril's resorts they pay the same rates as they would pay if they were to book directly with that resort because the resort pays their fee for their service. The tourists who book through them obtain the added benefit of being given a coupon book of discounts to many of Negril's fine shops and restaurants.

Their company's whole mission is to ensure that those tourists who book their travels with them can enjoy a carefree vacation without wasting any of their valuable vacation time on details which Onestop Vacations can freely or very inexpensively handle for them. Consequently, they quite happily take all of the necessary steps to make a great trip happen for their clients while they are in Negril. This of course leads them to use their services again when they invariably return.

They've even created the following great travel video of Negril for their website which nicely displays many of the town's most colorful and interesting tourist places.

For many years Onestop Vacations has given their travelers sound advice and great service to help them decide where would be the best place for each of them to stay and all of the things that they could do while they're in Negril. These folks can do this so well because of their intimate knowledge of all of Negril's beach and cliff resorts, restaurants, bars, clubs and all of its other tourist attractions and activities.

This travel service has been so well received and has become so popular that they've grown it to now provide travel services to all of Jamaica's tourist towns, island-wide. It also has been expanded to offer services to resorts in all categories, from comfortable and basic on up to luxury 5 star all inclusives. 

Onestop Vacations now also serves other favourite West Indian Ocean destinations like St. Martin and the Bahamas.

The owners of Onestop Vacations take the wise, common sense attitude that their continued growth depends entirely upon their customer's satisfaction. So they also brought on Bart and Derek to help them with the expansion.


Working together now they all strive to see to it that each of their vacationers' accommodations are well arranged for and in proper order when they arrive at their airport or their resort.

Though they've worked hard for it, they're also very grateful for their good fortune and they share their bounty with the less fortunates in Jamaica like the island's poorer school children.

does this by donating a portion of each of their booking's charges towards helping some of the poor children in Jamaica through the maintenance of the Mt. Airey Schools.


Courtesy of's message board and Trip Advisor's Negril Forum have many daily threads that provide travelers with much up-to-date tourist information.


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Onestop Vacations


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