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Negril Jamaica Vidia

A Visual Encyclopedia - Directory which promotes Negril Jamaica

The mission of our Vidia (Latin word for "to see") is to use visuals to show all of Negril's attractions, activities and enterprises in order to encourage as many tourists as possible to come and visit this beautiful, unique and colorful Jamaican tourist town.

To accomplish this goal we have created this website to provide people with a comprehensive, well organized, easily navigated, extensive free depository of great photos and videos of almost everything in Negril.

This is a human curated website - a visual encyclopedia of all that one might want or need to be able pick up on the wonderful VIBE that tourists experience in Negril.

The reason that we present our information on Negril primarily in photo and video (with audio) formats is that we feel that this is the best way by which to convey to a world-wide audience the town's wonderful ambiance.

Try our sample video below to visualize Negril's ambiance for yourself...

Because our encyclopedia - directory visually depicts everything in Negril like this we have dubbed it a "Vidia". Vidia is the latin word for "to see" and a contraction of the phrase "VIDeo-photo-map directory-encyclopedIA". Vidia denotes that this website permits you "to see", to actually peer into all of Negril's enterprises, activities and attractions in photos or in videos.

The marvelous wedding photo below exemplifies Negril's fascinating magnetism to lovers everywhere, drawing them here for their weddings.

photo courtesy of FG Photos & Videos

Loving Palm Photo spot at Charela Inn in Negril Jamaica

Just by viewing photos like this and videos of everything within Negril, anyone contemplating a trip there can completely familiarize themselves with anything in the entire town. These visuals are all to be found curated into the pages linked within our top of page promotional menu and / or curated within our extensive pop-out menus categorized and linked in each page's left menu.

People who have already been to Negril can also use this website to visually reminisce about the pleasures that they enjoyed during their prior visit(s). This Vidia is so extensive that past visitors browsing through it will attest that here they are able to see so much more of Negril than they were ever able to actually see when they were there.

The reason for this is that the small town of Negril amazingly has 600+ enterprises which are sretched out along One Love Drive over a 14 mille long stretch of beaches and cliffs. Then they are all tucked away in off road, walled and gated or tropically foliated property cocoons which prevent people from seeing much of them unless they walk onto their grounds.



So here, our visual photo and video data which has been recorded right within their property, allows you to see exactly what all of these beautiful places are really like inside of their lush tropicl cocoons. In this way we give inquirers more than enough information about each enterprise by which for them to make a positive decision to visit Negril.

Most encyclopedias contain textual articles about their subjects, having perhaps a few photos peppered within them to accentuate their points and to increase their clarity. But our unique Negril Vidia encyclopedia is just the opposite. It contains photographs and videos of each enterprise and only uses a small amount of text when we feel it is necessary for clarity. These Negril photographs and videos themselves act as its encyclopedic articles, visually and audibly portraying (rather than textually describing), the living essence of everything in this beautiful Jamaican tourist town.



Within our Vidia of Negril we believe that we improve upon the proverb -

"A picture is worth a thousand words".

We feel that videos of Negril are often worth more than even the thousands of words that our great scenic pictures of Negril might be worth, because they better portray the life vibe of this wonderful town.

We feel that by primarily utilizing living videos like the video above combined with wonderful photos of Negril in our website, we have found a much better way to portray Negril's ambiance to the world than can any descriptive text (no matter how articulate may be its author). The subject of Negril is just too beautiful for mere words!

Therefore, we consider it basic to our mission to give you as much visual and audible information about Negril as possible so as to promote your much desired and greatly appreciated visitations. In keeping with that goal, we also link you to some of the other Negril oriented websites from various places throughout this website because we feel that they give excellent additional information about Negril. They are also all congregated within our links section which is tabbed above.

The ultimate mission of our unique Vidia is to gain for Negril more and more tourists so as to strengthen its economy and thus provide more decent jobs and better opportunities for its wonderful Jamaican people. Consequently, we want this website to shout out in every way possible to the tourists of the world...

Come and experience the balmy weather, the surf, the sand, the cliffs and the clear aquamarine ocean along with all of the uniquely Jamaican features and enterprises of Negril !

Don't be afraid to rub elbows with its wonderfully interesting Jamaican people !

Don't worry Mon ! Just come on down to Negril and be happy !


Courtesy of Negril.com:

Negril.com's message board and Trip Advisor's Negril Forum have many daily threads that provide travelers with much up-to-date tourist information.


Owners, Managers and Patrons of All of Negril's Enterprises

All encyclopedias rely upon experts to provide them with authoritative and true articles about their subjects and this video encyclopedia is no exception. However, the articles that we use here are in photo and video form, so the experts whom we must rely upon to produce them are Negril's enterprise owners, managers and their patrons. After all, who is better quailfied to provide good visual information than these folks who have valid, first-hand knowledge about each of Negril's resorts, restaurants, clubs, shops, road stands, attractions and activities?

Welcoming Videos

Therefore, we here request Negril's enterprise owners to record for us a brief digital video welcoming people to their enterprise and describing its attributes (preferably with them and some of their staff and / or their patrons in it). This will humanize their enterprise to the public by being a very friendly and inviting way of encouraging people to come to Negril for their vacations.

Other Videos and Photos

Enterprise owners (and their patrons) may also provide us with separate additional videos of some of the unique, interesting things that occur within their enterprises.

Contributors of More & Better Information to this Vidia

If anyone finds that any of the information we have gathered on Negril on this website needs correction, modification or improvement - please tell us about it by e-mail at jimh@negril-jamaica-videos.com.

Promote Negril's Mini & Micro Businesses

If you own a smaller Negril enterprise or micro-business and you are without a website of your own, you may use your page here for a starter website until you are ready to create one of your own. Just e-mail us at jimh@negril-jamaica-videos.com to obtain our help in quickly customizing your page for you at no charge whatsoever.

Get the Word Out!

Any loyal patrons of any enterprise in Negril which has not yet taken advantage of our offer to build, improve and / or customize their page at no charge, should pass this offer along to those enterprise owners whom they know well enough to suggest it.

Videos Humanize Each Enterprise

All videos and photos of Negril's enterprises will greatly humanize and express the true ambiance of each of them. This can help allay potential visitor's fears of the unknown and increase each enterprise's chance of obtaining their patronage.

E-mail or Snail-mail Visual Data to Us

Just upload their video(s) onto You Tube and then e-mail us their link(s) to alexh@negril-jamaica-videos.com. We'll then approriately categorize and embed these You Tube'd video(s) onto their page and onto any other appropriate pages within this website.

If the video(s) can't be uploaded to You Tube, then just e-mail them to us as a file attachment. Send these also to alexh@negril-jamaica-videos.com.

Alternatively, people may snail-mail cd-rom(s) of their video(s) to Alex Hanson at 6542 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626. When we receive these videos, we will check them for quality and then load them right onto You Tube and embed them onto all of the appropriate pages within this Vidia to which they might apply.

You-Tube Promotions

Each digital video embedded on this Vidia is also shown on You Tube, so it becomes a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, goodwill ambassador that will promote that particular Negril enterprise - world-wide!

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