A Brief Description of Negril Jamaica


Negril is situated on the far west end of the Jamaican island (a 1.5 hour drive from Montego Bay on Norman Manley Blvd. - Route A1). Jamaica's far west coast is very small, in fact it is merely the point of land that is entirely occupied by Negril.

Because the island of Jamaica is generally shaped like an anchovie, its west coast all the way along its north coast and up to and including its east coast are all considered by Jamaicans to be just their north coast tourist area. They never call their 2 ends of the island their east coast or their west coast becausethey are so small that to them they only have a north and a south coast.

So they consider Negril and Port Antonio which are located on and occupy the entire far west end and the entire east end of the island as just being part of their north coast tourist area.

In the wonderful adjustable Google map below, just about every tourist enterprise within Negril is now (or eventually will be) shown. Using your mouse you can pan in and out and move this map around to focus in on the exact location of many of the places that you might be interested in visiting.

Negril is a very simple town to navigate. It is composed of 4 main areas.

  • Its extremely popular 7 mile beach strip runs straight north from downtown up Norman Manley Blvd. with the ocean on one side and the Great Morass (one of Jamaica's bird and game preserves) on the other.
  • At the south end of this boulevard is Negril's small downtown area.
  • West and south of downtown are a couple of small west end beaches and then Negril's cliffs area.
  • Finally, its inland residential area may be found going east from downtown off of the road which goes to the town of Sav la Mar.

Our Vidia Encyclopedia - Directory is a Spring Board to Learning all about Negril

It contains hundreds of interesting videos and thousands of fascinating photographs of each of Negril's resorts, restaurants, bars, shops, services, attractions and activities. We strive to keep this website as up-to-date as possible so we frequently bring in new visuals as we encounter them.

We also request that anyone familiar with Negril send us information about the current status of any of its enterprises so that we may update their information pages. We strive in this way to keep it an accurate encyclopedia - directory for tourists.

This is the only website that contains information on every enterprise in Negril all in one place.

Our Vidia also contains similar information on many of the rest of the island of Jamaica's tourist attractions. Links to these Jamaican attractions can be found within the Jamaica section linked on top of the left menu. On the bottom of the left menu also a section about the town of Ocho Rios. This is the next tourist town that we will address in 2011 in a similar manner to the way that Negril has been here addressed.

We have aggragated many, many photos and videos onto this website. We have recorded some of them ourselves and others come from photo contributors and some actually come from some of Negril's enterprises' websites. We have also obtained many and various videos of Negril from You Tube to show you what some of the folks who have already visited here have felt was worth recording.

Trip Planning

It is our desire to have enough photo and video information here to entice you to become interested in visiting Negril. Then we want to give you enough links to textual information elsewhere for you to be able to thoroughly research and plan out your stay in Negril. From all of the information here and that found at the many other Negril oriented websites to which we freely link, we feel that you will gain more than enough information by which to...

  • prepare yourself for your first trip to (or vacation in) Negril.
  • re-acquaint yourself with the lovely town of Negril, if you have already been there.
  • research any change of resort in Negril if you are planning a return trip there.
  • plot out tours in Negril and to other interesting attractions in nearby places.

Winter Nostalgic Comfort

During the northern hemisphere's cold winter months when you can't be in Negril to enjoy its warm, balmy weather, you may also wish to view some of our videos (like the one below) on occassion just to comfort yourself (be sure to check today's weather in Negril from the Accuweather forecast in the big blue box on the left). They're great for nostalgic reminiscings whenever the winter weather gets really terrible outside.

You're sure to experience much enjoyment when you are viewing our extensive library of photos and videos of Negril's...

  • 7 mile cool, white sand beach
  • warm, crystal clear Caribbean waters
  • fascinating and beautiful 40 ' high black cliffs.
  • huge variety of 200+ resorts (of which you can see every one).
  • ice-cold Red Stripes, Heinekins and tropical rum drinks served at its hundreds of beach, cliff and inland bars (of which you can see most here).
  • unique cuisine and exotic drinks at its 200+ restaurants (of which you can also see most here).
  • 200+ unique and interesting shops (of which you can now see many here).
  • colorful Jamacian people.
  • glorious sunsets beachside and cliffside on its western facing oceanfront.
  • fun-time musical nightlife.

Negril Vacations

Negril is the favored place to vacation in Jamaica, mostly because of its magnificent, world-renowned, seven mile nearly straight stretch of shallow beach on 2 bays.

Negril 7 mile Beach panorama in Jamaica

This magnificent stretch of beach fronts about 70 or so varied and beautiful Negril beach resorts of all sizes and colorful, exotic designs.

Negril is also quite well-known around the world for the great vacations that can occur at its gorgeous and colorful cliff resorts and in its lovely villas scattered all over town. Negril is world famous for Rick's Cafe where patrons may do dare-devil, cliff diving from up to 40' perches.

All told there are 200+ resorts and villas, 200+ bars and restaurants, 20 or so clubs and entertainment centers, many beach and land activities and many attractions as well as 200+ assorted shops and services within the Negril area (all of which are now or will soon be listed and linked within our left menu).

Experienced tourists from northern hemisphere, cold-winter-climate countries consider Jamaica to be the very best of all of the warm West Indies, Caribbean Islands on which to enjoy a winter vacation. This is understandable because, just as the natives claim, Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden and when it got cold they went right to Jamaica to warm up!

Negril in the wintertime has near-perfect, balmy, winter weather and beautiful, lush tropical vegetation.

Photos & Video Descriptions vs. Text

This website provides mostly pictorial, map and video encyclopedic information about Negril rather than the usual textual information found in most encyclopedias. Each of our pictures and our video articles actually show you Negril's true-to-life reality instead of just telling you in text about the places and things found there. Therefore, these photos and videos will best convey to you the essence of what you will encounter while you are in Negril and other parts of Jamaica because they are ideal to communicate to you the island's stunning ambient tropical beauty.

Within no other website will you find so much visual information about Negril and all of it's enterprises. This encyclopedic website is chock full of great eye-candy about virtually everything that can be found there.

However, it's quite true that some of the other Negril oriented websites have some really informative text about Negril. So for your benefit, we have linked to them whenever we felt it was appropriate. We also often link to Wikipedia on subjects within Jamaica because of the in-depth textual information that can be found there.

Promoting Tourism to Negril

Our objective here is to provide you with as much visual information about Negril as possible so that you can best prepare yourself for a trip there.

Promoting tourism to Negril in this way is what is most important to us (and to other Negril oriented websites as well) because it will help Negril's economy which will help the town's residents and also trickle down improved prosperity to nearly everybody else on the island as well.

Jamaica should be the 51st state of America but since that is probably never going to happen, this is the second best thing that we can do to help their economy to improve (which gives all of us Jamaica lovers the warm-fuzzies).

Here is what Heinekins advises Jamaicans to do to help tourism...


Fear of the Unknown

We want to visually show you just what it will actually be like for you when you're visiting Negril. We want you to see the way things really are there and these videos and photos will show you all of that. Then, hopefully your impressions from them will allay any fears of the unknown that you might have regarding Jamaica and / or its people and which might hinder your positive decision to visit or vacation in Negril.

There are quite a few great driving services in Negril like Rocky's Taxi & Tours whom we have used (and who has contributed much to the development of this website). A service like his provides honest, safe, reliable drivers who, for a very reasonable fee, will act as a guide for you and show you all of the ropes in Negril. They will greet you at the airport and also take you back there, drive you to any resort you choose and then be available anytime during your stay to ferry you safely around town or back and forth to the surrounding areas. Good drivers like Rocky always stay with their customers or are available by cell phone to return for them whenever they're called.

Reggae Music and the Patois Language

Negril has the great Jamaican reggae music (made famous by Bob Marley) gently playing on speakers almost everywhere and the entire island is populated by the very friendly, uniquely colorful, Queen's English and patois speaking, Jamaican people. Yeh mon!


Negril's small, few square blocks of downtown area juts out geographically, facing north up the western ocean front with a view of Negril's 7 mile beach (in actuality, the straight Long Bay Beach is only 4 miles long and the semi-circular Bloody Bay beach up north is the rest of the 7 miles). It houses a number of shopping plazas in which are all kinds of shops, crafts markets and offices.

The Great Morass

East of the 1 mile sliver of land composed of the 7 mile beach and its resorts and villas on one side of Route A1 [Norman Manley Blvd.] and the landside resorts, villas, tourist enterprises and private homes on the other, lies - The Great Morass! This is a government protected, completely undeveloped, swampy bottom land running inland from Negril's land-side enterprises all the way to its forested hill country. Here are located some of Jamaica's bird and animal sanctuaries.

Negril has over 200 unique cliff resorts and beach resorts, ranging from large all-inclusives to medium and small sized, locally-owned inland resorts and villas.

Review Sites for Hotels and Resorts in Negril

Trip Advisor - Expedia - Circos

For in depth information about many of the resorts, bars, restaurants, clubs, transportation, attractions and activities in Negril go to negrilonestop.com.

70 or so of Negril's resorts are strung out along the 7 mile beach and are easily accessable from the beach or thru their entrances on Route A1 (Norman Manley Blvd.). The rest of Negril's resorts are situated inland of the beach and on both sides of Negril's cliff road, One Love Drive. Negril's villas are scattered in scenic locations throughout the town's overall geography.

Limited Resort Height

All of Negril's resort construction heights are limited to the height of of a palm tree in order to maintain the area's original look as much as possible. So as you travel around Negril you won't see the garrish high-rise buildings which are so prevalent in most beach resort towns around the world. All you'll see are small signs and narrow roads leading off from the main roads and penetrating into lush foliage or you'll see security walls and gates leading into each resort's slice of the strip. The following video shows that.

The all-inclusives do have larger entrances with bigger signs but they are all low to the ground as well so you don't notice their signs as you drive along until you're right next to them. This is because Negril's resorts do not rely on road traffic for business. They get all of their business from their world-wide advertising and from referals and repeat customers. If you want to know the truth, they consider their main road outside of their resorts as being not much more than an alley from which to bring them in their supplies and remove their garbage!

Friendly 7 mile Open Resort Beachfront

But when you're on the beach you're not in any way cocooned within your resort because everyone including the general public is welcome to use and traverse all of it. So it is a very friendly place upon which for you to enjoy its shallow beach and any of its beach resorts, restaurants, bars and shops. Here you can trade and mingle freely with other tourists and with the friendly, native Jamaican people there (who also vacation in Negril).

The 3.5 miles directly north from downtown are "where the action is" on this long beach and this is where the beach and the road are most traversed by the tourists.

Friendly Norman Manley Boulevard

Norman Manley Blvd is a very good, wide, 2 lane road with big shoulders that parallels the entire oceanfront (to its west) and the inland great Morass (to its east). From it to the ocean are sandwiched in all of the beach resorts. In the same way this road sandwiches in all of the inland resorts which are on its land side to the Great Morass. This is Negril's main beach road and for about 7 miles (10 km) disects this 1 mile strip of beach and inland resorts. It also stretches all of the way past them the 80 or so miles to Montego Bay.

Many people from the resorts and many natives walk and / or cycle along the 3.5 mile north of downtown during the daytime in good weather. They browse at various indigent roadside craft and souvenir stands and eat at the roadside jerk meat BBQ grills which pepper it. At night it has no street lights so it is not wise to venture out to walk or bicycle on the road for a couple of good reasons.

First of all, you can't be easily seen by speeders who may be high or drunk so you can get run over! Second, you never know when there may be some bad guys out there, just waiting to rob you! If you do walk on the road at night, go in groups because there is safety in numbers. Use only the road's shoulder and don't walk it drunk! Need more be said?

Negril's Gorgeous Sunsets

Negril is very well known world-wide for its glorious sunsets that take place over its west facing unencumbered beachfront and cliff oceanfront horizons.


Negril's cliff resort area rises up from the south side of the downtown area and runs along the oceanfront all the way around to the town of Mount Pleasant. This road is hard to drive or traverse and can be dangerous for unwary pedestrians and cyclists because of its many potholes and serpentine twists and turns, so be very careful when you're on it! Also, some of its native residents can be scammers and toughs so stay in groups of 2 or more when you're on it.

However, longtime repeat visitors tend to like staying in this area because rents here are lower. With thime they become less touristy to the locals and more like them so it is not unsafe for them. It's just not totally tourist friendly at times and this is unfortunate because it is bad for the tourist businesses up here.

Residential Areas and Public Beaches

Negril's residential area is located inland, just east of downtown. Portions of it are very nice but much of it is 3rd world. Negril does have a few public beaches on sections of beachfront land that have been reserved for the public.

Ambiance Videos

Our comprehensive Vidia provides many, many interesting ambiance video scenes of the places to which you might wish to go within Negril and also of some of the interesting people that you might encounter there. Ambiance videos are unique because they record visually and audibly geographical places and unscripted human activities going on there.

Sample Ambiance Videos of Negril Jamaica

The sample ambiance videos below depict some true-to-life scenes and background sounds in Negril so that when you're viewing them you'll feel as though you're actually there (especially when they're seen in full screen mode). These videos will let you "see" the truly wonderfully relaxed tranquility of this very pleasant Jamaican tourist town.

If you have already been to Negril, certainly they will be a reminder to you of your pleasant time spent there and hopefully they will encourage you to return again soon.

When playing ambiance videos, be sure to turn up the volume in order to hear all of their true to life, background Jamaican sounds.

You might want to now proceed to some of the promotional links buttoned at the top of the page and / or to the categorical links within our left side menu in order "to see" more photo and video information about the enterprises in Negril and Jamaica. As you can understand now that you have viewed the videos above, you will garner a much more complete sense of the true sweetness of a visit or a vacation there.

Please come back here frequently to observe our website's progress and so that you can enjoy more great photo and video impressions of Negril and also of other places in Jamaica.

Thank you

Jim and Alex Hanson



Courtesy of Negril.com:

Negril.com's message board and Trip Advisor's Negril Forum have many daily threads that provide travelers with much up-to-date tourist information.


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Welcoming Videos

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Other Videos and Photos

Enterprise owners (and their patrons) may also provide us with separate additional videos of some of the unique, interesting things that occur within their enterprises.

Contributors of More & Better Information to this Vidia

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