Frequently Asked Questions about Negril Jamaica and this Website?

Q. Please explain this free webite's structure and purpose?

A. This Vidia is a unique visual encyclopedic website that presents a database of one page of visual information for every single enterprise in Negril, no matter how big or small it may be (even micro-businesses). Here we have created and house each enterprise's visual information page at no charge whatsoever to them!

We freely create each of their pages with photos, videos, maps & publically available information about them such as their phone # & email address which we find on the internet. We also create links to their own website (if they already have one) and links to review websites about their service levels (if there are any).

Upon any small enterprise's request, we will create and / or freely customize their page here (in any reasonable manner) so that it can be used by them as a starter website that stays out on the internet at no cost to them whatsoever. We do all of of our work on this site at no charge to each Negril enterprise in an effort to help them (especially the smaller mini and micro businesses with limited or no advertising resources) to promote themselves worldwide using the internet.

Q. What are the goals of this website?

A. Because of our unique approach in utilizing videos and photos as the primary means by which to express the wonderful ambiance of each place in Negril to travelers, and because of our exhaustive thoroughness in including every single enterprise within Negril in this Vidia, we expect it to become a major encyclopedic reference website by which for people world-wide to research their trips to Negril.

We also see this Vidia as a place for those who have visited Negril in the past, or for Jamaicans who are expatriated, to fondly reminisce over the many, many photos and videos of Negril that we have here gathered. By the way, very few people have the time or the opportunity to actually see for themselves while they are present in Negril, any where near all that we portray visually here. One reason for this is that walls and lush, dense foliage hide most places from their view from the road or the beach.

Q. How is this Vidia Supported?

A. We (Jim and Alex Hanson) support this website ourselves and from the small amount of revenue we earn from the site's Google ads. We built the site together from scratch on our own time and we use our own time to maintain it. We do not charge anything to Negril's enterprises for any of the internet promotional services that it provides for them because we want it to freely help the whole community.

We also do not charge the public for its usage. So for the foreseeable future, we will continue to support this website ourselves by donating more of our free time to improve it and by using its (increasing we hope) ad revenues to pay for its hosting. Eventually, as its popularity increases and as Google and the other search engines get well acquainted with it, we hope to significantly increase the site's traffic through search. Then maybe we'll make some more ad revenue than the current $10 to $15 USD per month that we get now from its targeted ads, to pick up more of its financial support.

Q. From what source did all of this information come?

A. We started this website with our own limited personal experience and a few photos and videos from our first 2 trips to Negril. We then began searching the internet for video and photo data and for other information about Negril's resorts. This soon snowballed into searching for data on all of them and then into expanding our searches to find data on all of Negril's bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, activities, services and attractions.

Every photo, video, link and map location on this site came from data that we gathered from internet sources and from visual data which we and Mr. Forrester Gayle of FG Photos & Videos in Negril have freely contributed. In the future we hope that many more of Negril's enterprises themselves will see the value of this visual encyclopedia and begin contributing their own photos and videos to it in order to improve their enterprise's presentation here.

Q. How do you keep it up to date?

A. We are now relying upon the self interest of Negril's enterprises's owners and managers and their favor with their patrons to motivate them to send us up-to-date videos and photographs of Negril's enterprises. This site is an encyclopedia of and a directory to every tourist oriented enterprise that is present in Negril. As such, it is primarily (in its very nature) promotional to tourists. So, since tourism is the name of the game for everyone in Negril, people there should want to see the enterprises in which they have an interest to be correctly portrayed and promoted here.

Q. How can we know for sure if the enterprise information on this site is accurate?

A. It should be fairly accurate in most cases, but it can never be 100% accurate because not all of the owners, managers, friends and patrons of Negril's enterprises may wish to help us keep all their pages up to date. When we designed the site, for the sake of completeness we had to include the larger all-inclusive resorts, but we did not expect much appreciation or help from them because they have their own websites which they keep up to date and they do their own international promotions. Some of the mid-size resorts with 100 rooms or up also feel that they are adequately promoted on the internet with their own websites so they also do not to participate in it.

However, many of the smaller enterprises do see the advantage to them of having a page within our promotional website and they and their patrons are willing to help us to best portray them here. Whatever the case may be, just call any place listed in this encyclopedia on the telephone to confirm all of this information and while you're at it - mention to them that you found the information on their page on this website.

On our part, we will make an annual review of every enterprise's page and we will re-do our own searches in order to find more and better photos and videos of them. By the way, (if you have not yet noticed), we link every page's title name to its website if it has one, or to the review website that best presents it (again if it has one) so that you may find more information about it. If the enterprise does not yet have a website of their own they are quite welcome to use their page here as a starter website.

Q. Why didn't you utilize a wiki approach to gathering this data?

A. Wikis are great for academic information but they will not work for commercial information because bitter competitors are quite likely to vandalize one another's presentations. This has already happened on Wikimapia, the crowd mapping project of things and places all over the world. So, by keeping all data under the discretion of this website's owner / webmasters, we curate and caretake the whole site so that vandalism cannot occur here.

Of course, this approach leaves each enterprise at the mercy of us webmasters! So we must be honest,honorable and impartial webmasters which is imperative to the completeness of each enterprise's visual data put up here and for each enterprise's proper categorization. This is what will lead to this site's eventual success as a world renowned, thorough and complete reference source.

Q. Why not just go to You Tube to do Negril and Jamaica video research?

A. You Tube's search does not keep you focused on a matter (nor do any of the other user-generated video host sites for that matter). So, when you use their search to do research, you find yourself going off on many time wasting tangents. Take it from me (Jim) because I have spent months doing You Tube searches myself in order to gather up its best videos on Negril to embed here and I have wasted a lot of time doing it by getting off track.

Also, You Tube has some very poor quality home videos that can uselessly tie up a lot of your valuable research time. We sort thru them to choose and categorize those that we consider to be the better videos of Negril. Consequently, here you get more and better video information easier than you can get it by searching around on You Tube for yourself (unless you don't trust us to have been thorough enough and / or you have plenty of time to waste).

Q. Why are there some poor quality photos and videos on this site when you claim that you filter them out?

A. Sometimes lesser quality photos and videos are all that we can find with which to fill in at least some visual information gaps within a category or on an enterprise page. We will keep searching to replace them with better photos and videos in the future or we will eventually shoot our own on one of our trips down to Negril and replace them with those. So keep coming back to view any of our the subject pages in which you are interested to find the new stuff we will be so embedding. Or contact us and we will try to help you find what you're looking for.

Q. Why, on occassion, do the videos hang up after barely starting?

A. The problem with embedded videos is that during high internet traffic times they will lose their sound or not always play right or they won't play at all! Compared to the immense value of having the free video service that Flash and You Tube provide most of the time, this is a problem that we're just stuck with until they somehow correct it in the future.

If you go on You Tube itself during these periods you'll encounter the same problem. This can be quite irritating when one has his or her heart set on viewing a particular video at a particular time. However, because of the necessity of using low bandwidth, this free embedded video code is necessary to our business plan. This kind of a free website would not be possible without embeds so there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. Therefore, when they don't play right or they lack sound, please come back later to view them.

Q. Why does this website show such large pictures which slow down its page rendering speed?

A. We deliberately do this so that all of the wonderful photos we have gathered for each enterprise will display as beautifully as possible. We decided not to concern ourselves with band-width economies on photos because we assumed that most of the people who can afford to travel to Jamaica either already have good band width at home, by which to review the data on this site without too much delay, or they have it at their workplace . Besides, as time goes by, the computers and the internet are handling higher quality photos and videos better and better. so soon it will become a moot point.

As an aside, many of these photos were culled from existing websites where they are shown much smaller because those sites were developed years ago when low bandwidth usage was such an important consideration and their webmasters have not yet upgraded them to modern times. So their pictures show much better here on our site than they do right on their own home websites!

Q. Why do you cross-link to other Negril oriented websites?

A. Our Vidia freely links to many other websites which all have good information about Negril. All of these Negril oriented websites are just as dedicated as we are to promoting tourism in Negril. So, rather than compete with them for internet traffic, we instead link to them working together with them to give travelers more good research information about Negril than we can possibly provide alone.

Q. How do you see this visual encyclopedia helping Negril's prosperity?

A. By revealing so much of Negril's hidden visual beauty thru our Vidia's extensive use of videos and photos, we hope to create a positive impact for Negril upon the vacationers of the world. We hope this impact will then lead many of them to decide to visit this wonderful tourist town. All of Negril's enterprises will then increasingly prosper through the trickle down effect of the money these people spend during their visits, thus contributing more and more to Jamaica's overall economy and to the welfare of its hard working, delightful and well deserving people.

Q. Is there any kind of beach equipment that parapalegics can employ to enjoy a Jamaican beach resort vacation?

A. Yes,you might want to try this Hippocampe wheel chair from France.



Courtesy of's message board and Trip Advisor's Negril Forum have many daily threads that provide travelers with much up-to-date tourist information.


Owners, Managers and Patrons of All of Negril's Enterprises

All encyclopedias rely upon experts to provide them with authoritative and true articles about their subjects and this video encyclopedia is no exception. However, the articles that we use here are in photo and video form, so the experts whom we must rely upon to produce them are Negril's enterprise owners, managers and their patrons. After all, who is better quailfied to provide good visual information than these folks who have valid, first-hand knowledge about each of Negril's resorts, restaurants, clubs, shops, road stands, attractions and activities?

Welcoming Videos

Therefore, we here request Negril's enterprise owners to record for us a brief digital video welcoming people to their enterprise and describing its attributes (preferably with them and some of their staff and / or their patrons in it). This will humanize their enterprise to the public by being a very friendly and inviting way of encouraging people to come to Negril for their vacations.

Other Videos and Photos

Enterprise owners (and their patrons) may also provide us with separate additional videos of some of the unique, interesting things that occur within their enterprises.

Contributors of More & Better Information to this Vidia

If anyone finds that any of the information we have gathered on Negril on this website needs correction, modification or improvement - please tell us about it by e-mail at

Promote Negril's Mini & Micro Businesses

If you own a smaller Negril enterprise or micro-business and you are without a website of your own, you may use your page here for a starter website until you are ready to create one of your own. Just e-mail us at to obtain our help in quickly customizing your page for you at no charge whatsoever.

Get the Word Out!

Any loyal patrons of any enterprise in Negril which has not yet taken advantage of our offer to build, improve and / or customize their page at no charge, should pass this offer along to those enterprise owners whom they know well enough to suggest it.

Videos Humanize Each Enterprise

All videos and photos of Negril's enterprises will greatly humanize and express the true ambiance of each of them. This can help allay potential visitor's fears of the unknown and increase each enterprise's chance of obtaining their patronage.

E-mail or Snail-mail Visual Data to Us

Just upload their video(s) onto You Tube and then e-mail us their link(s) to We'll then approriately categorize and embed these You Tube'd video(s) onto their page and onto any other appropriate pages within this website.

If the video(s) can't be uploaded to You Tube, then just e-mail them to us as a file attachment. Send these also to

Alternatively, people may snail-mail cd-rom(s) of their video(s) to Alex Hanson at 6542 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60626. When we receive these videos, we will check them for quality and then load them right onto You Tube and embed them onto all of the appropriate pages within this Vidia to which they might apply.

You-Tube Promotions

Each digital video embedded on this Vidia is also shown on You Tube, so it becomes a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, goodwill ambassador that will promote that particular Negril enterprise - world-wide!

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