Family and Kids having Fun in Negril Jamaica

There are various kinds of family vacations that take place in Negril. Starting from the vacations of young married couples and those who bring along their very small children on up to families with older children or some with both younger and older children. Finally, it's a great place to combine a vacation with a family reunion of a few generations.

The great thing about Negril for kids of all ages is that its beach is shallow all along its 7 mile length and out for about 40 yards, so when it is calm (as it usually is in the winter) it is safe for even the smallest children to frolic around in as long as someone keeps an eye on them.

It is not uncommon in Negril find a responsible couple sitting at a beach bar right by the water's edge, relaxing and enjoying an afternoon drink together while watching their kids play in the sand and in the beach's safe shallow water.

If a family bringing small children can afford it, an all-inclusive resort such as Beaches can be ideal because these resorts offer so many extra services catering to them (such as Sesame Street Character entertainment and baby sitting). For obvious safety reasons, cliff resorts are not reccommended when a family brings small children.

On the other hand, families with older children can pretty much stay at any beach or cliff resort they want or maybe they can even take an adventure vacation involving back-packing, camping and inland hiking / biking. Some families with older children will even river raft or visit the Great Morass which is located on the east side of the 7 mile beach, within which may be found some of Jamaica's crocodile and bird sanctuaries.

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Families at Beaches Resort

Negril Kool Runnings Water Park

Family Fun on the Beach

A Child Explains the Finer Points of Ocean Diving

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